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virtual concert
13 Apr 2021
Sony Immersive Music Studios unveils the underside of its first virtual concert

The new Sony subsidiary, dedicated to creating immersive musical experiences, will soon broadcast the virtual concert of American singer Madison Beer at Sony Hall in New York. This first project is based on the Unreal Engine game engine designed by Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite. Virtual concert : the start-up  Sony Corporation of America […]

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25 Mar 2021
Flat renovation in AR

Flat renovation in AR has never been this popular. Although augmented reality has many advantages for new real estate, it would also prove to be very useful for transactions in old ones. Just like new, it would effectively simplify the projection of buyers by helping them discover places to their full potential. You will understand, […]

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12 Mar 2021
Augmented Reality solutions for retail

What can be the most powerful solutions for retail? In recent years we have become accustomed to new and innovative ways to grow businesses worldwide and augmented reality is probably in the list of the most unusual ways to lead your business in the up right direction. Augmented reality is an amazing technology that allows […]

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real estate lighting
26 Feb 2021
AR in real estate – Sell the flat virtually!

Visualizing a completely new home or completing an existing one with some extras used to be quite hard from only having a hand drawn plan. AR in real estate is a real helping tool for professionals. A real estate agent with a plan in the hand could sell houses without any problem, but now we […]

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ARVR Strategy
17 Feb 2021
ARVR Strategy

How to build up an ARVR Strategy ? How to integrate augmented and virtual reality into marketing ? Do you take your marketing desires for reality ? Yes, but which ones ? Augmented reality ? Virtual reality ? These new technologies can be very useful as part of a marketing strategy. Let us explain here […]

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holographic optics
25 Jan 2021
Holographic optics – VR

Facebook reality labs are a division of Facebook that concentrates purely on the development of Augmented and Virtual Reality world. It focuses on changing the future, in the way people experience computers, the internet and gaming. Their main goal is to provide a device that will ultimately be as essential as a smartphone or a […]

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13 Jan 2021
How does Swiss Tomato Virtual Reality Agency work on a project?

Virtual reality agency, how a specialized team can help you reach out to your clients ? Virtual reality, which used to be specific to cinema or to simulators reserved for a few technophiles, is beginning to invade our daily lives and is becoming more democratic. Today, many applications and video games allow total immersion in […]

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29 Dec 2020
Part 2 – How to promote your app with App Store optimization (ASO)

Reviews and ratings Now that you have created your app and taken the step of listing an app, you need to put in place a strategy that will allow you to get your users to review the product and give ratings. Indeed, the number of reviews or even their quality have a significant impact on […]

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15 Dec 2020
Promote your app with App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization, better known by the acronym ASO, refers to the listing of an application on a “Store”. Your goal is then to ensure that the positioning of your application is improved.   Part 1 To boost the notoriety of your website and at the same time make your activities known to a large […]

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