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14 Nov 2022
Meta Quest Pro, new avatars – Meta’s 2022 October announcements about VR apps & the Metaverse

Screenshot by:   Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has become a pioneer in the VR world and has been making innovative progress, they have announced major news in the metaverse space in October 2022: The new Meta Quest Pro Full-body avatars Avatars that are way more realistic Microsoft Teams partnership Motor Neoron signals The […]

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14 Oct 2022
Spark AR

  Augmented Reality is a term we are very well familiar with now and it’s one of the most innovative technologies today. It is used in many different industries for many different purposes to create audience engagement efficiently.  Knowing this, Facebook created a platform called Spark AR which allows users to create Augmented Reality filters […]

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14 Sep 2022

The Metaverse is an alternative internet universe totally immersive that allows you to connect with other people in a unique way. This world will allow users to actually embody experiences and not just look at them through a screen.  This technology is being developed further and further over the years and it’s becoming a real […]

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AR/VR Technology
15 Aug 2022
AR/VR Technology in 2022

  For those of you who are still not familiar with the AR/VR technology AR is adding digital elements to your surroundings, whereas VR is a full on immersive experience into the digital world. It’s a technology that’s been present for a few years now and is growing fast with time. VR Headsets are becoming […]

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14 Jul 2022
VR/AR in the pandemic context

As we very well know, the COVID 19 pandemic has affected everybody in one way or another and during times of lockdown companies got stung by a scenario that they never experienced before. With consumers staying at home and physical stores and businesses closing, especially businesses that don’t usually do well online, massive changes had […]

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14 Jun 2022
The most popular VR Headsets for 2022

What are the most popular VR headsets this year ? Virtual Reality has reached new heights as it continues to grow in popularity every year. As the pandemic persists people find themselves relying on new technology to stay connected. Since Facebook became Meta, VR certainly made a case for itself as a technology that is […]

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14 May 2022
Connected watches: danger of millions of personal data in nature

A multi-gigabyte database has been discovered on the web, exposing millions of personal information from connected watches and other objects and medical devices. Another data leak … This time it’s a 16.71 gigabyte database with 61million entries. It was discovered by the WebsitePlanet site and contains activity and health information from bracelets and connected watches. […]

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14 Apr 2022
10 best free VR apps on Android

Let’s discover the best free VR apps on Android together! There used to be a world where Virtual Reality was a foreign word in a long distant future. For the past few years it’s been growing faster than any other technology around and we’ve been seeing an increase in popularity amongst internet users.  For those […]

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14 Mar 2022
Snapchat augmented reality filter – nr 1 fail

Snapchat augmented reality filter is being removed because accused of encouraging users to break the rules The application’s AR “speed filter” was materialized by a speedometer that was displayed over a video, like a foot pressing the accelerator. End of the road for a Snapchat augmented reality filter popular with speed enthusiasts. The social network […]

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