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02 Sep 2020
How can Virtual reality app development help you achieve your business goals

Since the beginning of time, humanity produces art to recreate reality and place it in a new environment. Art is now often being used to support business, especially to sell products or ideas. Virtual reality app development is a modern, completely innovative way to help people live in an imagination. Just like traditional art, creating […]

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06 Aug 2020
The process of an augmented reality app development

Augmented Reality app development is becoming more and more popular in many sectors. Swiss Tomato creates personalized Augmented Reality applications that are designed to meet the needs of niche markets. Our specialization includes 3D modeling, 3D animation, and tracking with and without markers. The AR applications developed by Swiss Tomato work on a range of […]

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27 Jul 2020
Mixed Reality and exciting headsets

In order to write about mixed reality, it is important to know its technical definition. It is in fact a merging of two worlds in order to produce new and unique environments where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time.  This provides endless innovative possibilities to dozens of industries, such as healthcare, […]

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09 Jun 2020
The increasing popularity of WebAR development

Since Augmented Reality (AR) became a big thing many exciting AR experiences became available for users through mobile applications. Just think about some of the most popular ones: Pokemon GO, Ikea, Snapchat. WebAR development is a new way of evolution! In many cases marketers consider downloading an application from a link or from an application […]

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21 May 2020
How can an AR agency help you with your projects?

We are not aiming to be an AR agency like any other. Our dedicated team is helping you through the whole process from planning to the publication. Your app is in good hands with our iOS and Android experts who manage to find how the best AR experience can help you present your product or […]

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18 May 2020
Past and future of AR & VR

When we talk about virtual reality and augmented reality, we realize that the whole world appears in a different vision. It changes our vision of the present and also about the future. So many doors are opening in all sectors with the help of these technologies. But what about the origins? Let’s discover together AR […]

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04 May 2020
VR in business : How can different businesses use VR?

VR is a constantly evolving technology. How is VR in business can be useful, f.ex. in the health sector or the automotive industry ? Not a big surprise that different sectors start to discover more and more advantages of using virtual reality for promoting products or services. Of course, an experienced digital agency can help […]

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17 Apr 2020
Swiss Tomato’s advices – Comparison of VR glasses

VR glasses are definitely presenting a technology that marvels most of us. We would be glad to help you orientate in this wonderful world by giving you some ideas on how to choose your next device. Here are the main aspects and a short list of Swiss Tomato digital agency’s favourites.   Key points in […]

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04 Apr 2020
How IPad Pro 2020 will change our view on AR?

Apple presented its new professional tablets on March 18th. The iPad Pro 2020 is probably one of the greatest tool ever when it comes to AR. All its features are supporting an augmented reality that leads us to the further generation of future game/ecommerce/travel experiences. We can consider it as a milestone in AR without […]

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