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30 Jul 2021
The astonishing future of marketing with augmented reality

How should we benefit from marketing with augmented reality? As an extension of the development of digital technology and the prodigious advances that we are making in this field, augmented reality occupies an increasingly prominent place in communication and marketing. Let’s discover together the principle of augmented reality, its difference from virtual reality, and how […]

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21 Jul 2021
VR glasses & hearing loss

How VR can revolutionize the experience of people with hearing loss? Deaf and hard of hearing people have always found it difficult to access content that the average person can read and understand. While captions and audio descriptions can help with this, they can also create distance by artificially adding to the screen. The contribution […]

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AR make-up
01 Jul 2021
AR make-up: Chanel launches Lipscanner

The astonishing evolution of AR make-up : Chanel announced in February 2021 the launch of a new app. Called Lipscanner, it allows users to virtually test lipstick shades or to find among the luxury house’s references the color closest to the customer’s wishes. Chanel innovates in augmented reality. The luxury house unveiled a new app […]

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24 Jun 2021
Top 5 AI trends in 2021

Let’s discover with us what are the most amazing AI trends in 2021.While Artificial Intelligence (AI) has boomed over the past 10 years, it’s a safe bet that the next decade will be marked by the proliferation of AI solutions. The global Artificial Intelligence market size is expected to reach $ 169 billion in 2025, […]

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09 Jun 2021
Start-up in the AR: Envisics joins forces with Panasonic to produce automotive augmented reality system

British start-up in the AR, Envisics has announced a partnership with Panasonic Automotive System, the division of the Japanese giant providing technologies for the automotive industry. This agreement aims to help it develop and produce the next generation of its augmented reality head-up display. Mercedes’ future S-Class will feature augmented reality heads-up display   Volkswagen […]

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25 May 2021
2021 Amazing Augmented Reality trends

Augmented Reality Trends – AR has become a global trend in several industries across the globe and it can no longer be ignored as a major marketing strategy. This technology has been used by big players such as Google and Microsoft, and it is proving to be here to stay. Augmented Reality is believed to […]

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27 Apr 2021
VR and AR Solutions for NGOS

VR and AR Solutions for NGOS – Virtual reality and Augmented Reality are revolutionary technologies that have made their mark across many different industries. The versatility of these technologies make a difference in innovation and provide a much more comfortable experience, while solving problems across borders. VR & AR are particularly used in medical as […]

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virtual concert
13 Apr 2021
Sony Immersive Music Studios unveils the underside of its first virtual concert

The new Sony subsidiary, dedicated to creating immersive musical experiences, will soon broadcast the virtual concert of American singer Madison Beer at Sony Hall in New York. This first project is based on the Unreal Engine game engine designed by Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite. Virtual concert : the start-up  Sony Corporation of America […]

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25 Mar 2021
Flat renovation in AR

Flat renovation in AR has never been this popular. Although augmented reality has many advantages for new real estate, it would also prove to be very useful for transactions in old ones. Just like new, it would effectively simplify the projection of buyers by helping them discover places to their full potential. You will understand, […]

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