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14 Feb 2022
What is Google Cardboard? – an astonishing VR headset

The Google Cardboard VR headset is more of a reality mask than a headset. Composed above all of cardboard and a pair of lenses, the Cardboard, launched in 2014 by the American search engine giant, is intended to be the gateway to the discovery of virtual reality. Very inexpensive and requiring only a compatible smartphone, […]

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14 Jan 2022
TOP 3 VR accessories

VR Accessories – How can you benefit from them? The virtual reality headset is only the first step for consumers to boost their immersion and open up to new possibilities. Once this step is completed, it is advisable to personalize your experience and adapt your equipment to the use you make of it, whether through […]

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19 Sep 2021
Applications to create augmented reality in education

How can be benefit from augmented reality in education? Some applications allow the teacher or student to create augmented reality in the education field. The basic versions of these applications are free. Most of them only read the AR, which is created after registering on the publisher’s website. In this article, we will only introduce […]

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08 Sep 2021
Expected technologies for VR in 2021 and the next couple of years

VR in 2021 – Predictions made today might not turn out like they were in 2016. But over the past few months, several announcements and rumors have helped boost the credibility of virtual reality as a technology of the future.   VR in 2021 – The main actors   According to reliable information, Apple should […]

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27 Aug 2021
The (re) renaissance of virtual reality

We live in the aera of renaissance of virtual reality. Virtual reality is finally on the rise thanks to new headsets and improved software, but also because of the pandemic.   The brief history of virtual reality is, in many ways, a succession of setbacks. From the 1970s to the early 2010s, chess (probably the […]

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application of AR
13 Aug 2021
Limitless fields in application of AR

How can we profit the most from the application of AR? The use of augmented reality can be seen in fields as varied as they are unexpected. The list of scopes and potential market is dizzying to say the least. Small focus on some of them. Application of AR – AUTOMOTIVE Whether on the side […]

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30 Jul 2021
The astonishing future of marketing with augmented reality

How should we benefit from marketing with augmented reality? As an extension of the development of digital technology and the prodigious advances that we are making in this field, augmented reality occupies an increasingly prominent place in communication and marketing. Let’s discover together the principle of augmented reality, its difference from virtual reality, and how […]

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21 Jul 2021
VR glasses & hearing loss

How VR can revolutionize the experience of people with hearing loss? Deaf and hard of hearing people have always found it difficult to access content that the average person can read and understand. While captions and audio descriptions can help with this, they can also create distance by artificially adding to the screen. The contribution […]

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AR make-up
01 Jul 2021
AR make-up: Chanel launches Lipscanner

The astonishing evolution of AR make-up : Chanel announced in February 2021 the launch of a new app. Called Lipscanner, it allows users to virtually test lipstick shades or to find among the luxury house’s references the color closest to the customer’s wishes. Chanel innovates in augmented reality. The luxury house unveiled a new app […]

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