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26 Mar 2020
Mixed Reality Headsets

In order to write about mixed reality, it is important to know its technical definition. It is in fact a merging of two worlds in order to produce new and unique environments. Where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time.  This provides endless innovative possibilities to dozens of industries. Such as healthcare, […]

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06 Mar 2020
How can the real estate sector benefit from AR/VR?

Using AR and VR in the real estate sector provides convenience & enhanced experiences to buyers, agents and sellers alike. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can definitely boost first impressions. AR and VR saves time and expenses. Briefly about AR & VR AR is an enhanced version of reality to add digital information on top […]

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21 Feb 2020
Augmented reality options for your business – ARKit vs. ARCore

Developed by Apple and Google, Apple ARKit and Google ARCore are two augmented reality mobile application development platforms. The first is for iOS, the second for Android devices. Discover the differences between these two platforms, ARKit vs. ARCore, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Augmented reality consists of superimposing virtual images on surfaces of […]

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07 Feb 2020
Exhibitions, trade shows and events with AR&VR tools

There are a couple of advantages of using VR and AR at different trade shows for different purposes. Virtual reality development can help you to make the difference at a trade show, exhibition or event and to present your products with a memorable experience for your potential clients. People might be more willing to stop […]

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07 Nov 2019
Best of Swiss Apps 2019 Award Ceremony – A night to celebrate!

We were looking forward to a promising night again this year at the Best of Swiss Apps Award Ceremony on 6th, November. The hard working Swiss Tomato team has put together all its best to create the most efficient and easy to use apps with the greatest designs possible for its customers all along the […]

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26 Aug 2019
ARKit 3.0 – What are the latest technological opportunities in Augmented Reality?

Apple announced new features in ARKit 3, the new version of the biggest augmented reality platform. Thanks to the new features, app developers can create more immersive augmented reality experiences.  People in the center of AR experiences Now app developers can integrate AR content in front and behind people with the new feature: People occlusion. […]

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09 Aug 2019
Shopify exploded with a browser-based e-commerce AR service

Shopify exploded with a browser-based e-commerce AR service. Anyone can use the expanded reality-based tool that anyone can use to make a service offering that is not otherwise known to the poor, the Shopify e-commerce provider, which can bring the explosion of technology. Applying AR to webshops not only helps to improve your conversion rate, […]

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01 Jul 2019
Apple AR headset

According to external analysts of Apple, the company is working on its own augmented and virtual reality headset and is about to launch the Apple AR headset. This pair of glasses could be produced in the fourth quarter of 2019 and is expected to be available sometime in the first half of 2020. We still […]

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sans marqueur réalité augmentée
14 Jun 2019
Trigger types for augmented reality

The augmented reality introduces us into a world that comes alive suddenly with the help of the camera of our tablet or phone. With marker, without marker or using geolocation, we have many ways to enter this virtual world. The “triggers” The different types of user interactions help to discover this digital world. The visualization […]

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