Augmented & Virtual Reality in manufacturing

Every industry is increasingly making good use of digital tools, and  manufacturing is not an exception. AR & VR applications are becoming popular in this field, too. Using VR or AR in manufacturing is a real benefit for each company.

While augmented and virtual reality technology has come to be associated mostly with gaming and entertainment, it’s finding AR & VR applications in a wide scale of industries.

In manufacturing, the high potential of the reality technology  – both augmented reality and virtual reality – is extremely important when it comes to the 2 most important demands: continuous production and non-disruptive work.

In a competitive industry – such as manufacturing – every time that is reported as downtime is a loss in revenue.


Benefits of using AR in manufacturing

There are several benefits of using Augmented Reality to the manufacturing industry, mainly centred around productivity, efficiency and safety.

By applying Augmented Reality applications in a factory, engineers can work more effectively. With AR & VR applications they receive real time data projecting in front of their eyes, maintenance can be controlled and reviewed, problems can be easily and faster diagnosed and solved without holding the production back.

Like Virtual Reality training modules, Augmented Reality applications can provide a deep analysis and knowledge that contributes to more effective learning. And on-the-job training can be carried out with a greater degree of freedom, without the fear of making mistakes.

Augmented Reality Glasses

In everyday life we experience augmented reality mostly through the screen of a smartphone or a tablet. In the machinery or manufacturing industry it is essential to leave hands free because workers are using it to create, operate or maintain heavy machines.
Here comes AR glasses as a very useful tool because the user receives information through them directly in front of their eyes.


AR & VR applications in manufacturing

Every day the number of possibilities of AR & VR applications are growing due to the rapidly improving digital background.


Training with AR & VR applications

AR helps workers to become skilled and productive in a shorter period of time than traditional training methods, enabling companies to increase worker effectiveness and productivity, improve production times, and reduce the risk of errors.

Virtual Reality makes it possible to  create 360 video or interactive 3D simulation where employers can ‘build’ a machine by using only nicely designed VR glasses.


Floor planning 

AR & VR helps  in planning the space for assembly lines or production workshops. Finalizing floor plans are possible without even moving heavy equipment.

Virtual Reality not only saves time and costs but reduces the risk of damage.


Safety training – AR in manufacturing

Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions in safety training were introduced many years ago and several companies are using them in their everyday life.

Virtual Reality makes it much easier, cost effective and safer to execute safety training around heavy machines. Therefore, AR & VR applications are the virtual keys to a safe knowledge.

VR glasses

Product design

When using reality technologies the prototype is created virtually so if slight modifications are needed to be done it will probably save time and cost.


Monitoring with AR & VR applications

Augmented Reality applications can tell workers and managers the actual performance or when a machine needs maintenance – before it causes damage. AR in manufacturing has never been this useful.



In maintenance, digital content overlaid into a worker’s physical world might include real-time machine data, a list of materials with availability information, animated repair or inspection instructions, and the ability to connect to remote expertise within the enterprise or from third-party suppliers. AR & VR applications can be a solution for a wide range of industries.

Reality technologies can make maintenance even more efficient and effective, and improve uptime.

ar expo trade show

Trade shows

AR and VR helps explain complicated machines on trade shows where the transport, connection or the operation of the heavy machine is not possible.

Producers of heavy machinery participating in various events/trade shows usually face the challenge of displaying their products at the event venue. Transportation, connection, operation could be very challenging if not impossible.


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