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07 Jun 2019
The role of VR and AR in the education

First of all, we need to find out what determines the role of AR and VR in education. Our business and personal lives shift to the digital environment. It makes sense that education also goes to a new model. It is more focused on technology. And this includes the influence virtual and augmented reality will […]

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14 Mar 2019
Virtual and Augmented Reality headsets

Virtual and Augmented reality headsets offer their unique experience and there are many options available. We’ve listed all the emerging hardware leading the mixed reality market and here are some details you will want to know, so you can select the right one for you! For Virtual reality headsets, here are your choices:   HTC […]

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Virtual reality tourism
30 Jan 2019
Virtual Reality and Tourism (R)evolution

The Potential of Virtual and Augmented Reality on Tourism Industry Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have enormous possibilities to enhance tourism. The world is changing fast and tourism industry is not an exception. To meet the new tourism challenges, we will have to think creatively and think about out-of-the-box solutions. Good news is – there are […]

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11 Oct 2018
Apple Keynote 2018: AR and VR news

On September 12th the 2018 keynote was presented by Apple. It was the time for the brand to present its new products and apps. We have collected for you the new functions using augmented and virtual reality. For Apple, augmented reality is not a part of the future, but of the present. The brand wants […]

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12 Mar 2018
How can AR and VR be used in the real estate sector?

The real estate business is as strong as ever, but the means of selling a home/rental have slightly changed. Putting the new technologies, like AR and VR into use when showing a property or furnishing it can make the process so much more interesting, interactive, and overall fun. We have developed two innovative virtual and […]

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03 Mar 2018
Try on a Frederique Constant watch with AR new app

Frederique Constant is a Geneva-based manufacturer of luxury wrist watches, positioning itself in the “accessible luxury” segment. The company is involved in all the stages of watchmaking and focuses on design to stay ahead of the trends and help all customers find the watch that suits them best. To assist in choosing the perfect watch […]

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02 Feb 2018
Create your private jet, and hold it in your hand

We created an app for the private jet customers of Jet Aviation Jet Aviation, founded in Switzerland, is a world leader of the business aviation industry, employing nearly 4,500 professionals and dealing with aircraft maintenance, completions and refurbishment, FBO, aircraft charter, aircraft management and staffing. For their private jet customers, we created JetVision app – […]

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