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05 Oct 2020
Augmented & Virtual Reality in manufacturing

Every industry is increasingly making good use of digital tools, and  manufacturing is not an exception. AR & VR applications are becoming popular in this field, too. Using VR or AR in manufacturing is a real benefit for each company. While augmented and virtual reality technology has come to be associated mostly with gaming and […]

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01 Jul 2019
Apple AR headset

According to external analysts of Apple, the company is working on its own augmented and virtual reality headset and is about to launch the Apple AR headset. This pair of glasses could be produced in the fourth quarter of 2019 and is expected to be available sometime in the first half of 2020. We still […]

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sans marqueur réalité augmentée
14 Jun 2019
Trigger types for augmented reality

The augmented reality introduces us into a world that comes alive suddenly with the help of the camera of our tablet or phone. With marker, without marker or using geolocation, we have many ways to enter this virtual world. The “triggers” The different types of user interactions help to discover this digital world. The visualization […]

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Virtual reality tourism
30 Jan 2019
Virtual Reality and Tourism (R)evolution

The Potential of Virtual and Augmented Reality on Tourism Industry Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have enormous possibilities to enhance tourism. The world is changing fast and tourism industry is not an exception. To meet the new tourism challenges, we will have to think creatively and think about out-of-the-box solutions. Good news is – there are […]

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